Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

Last update: 2023.07.02.

Thank you for visiting our website. In this privacy statement we explain how we process and protect personal data that you provide to us and what rights you have in relation to this data.

1. Information on the person responsible

The person responsible for data processing is as follows:
Jurik Peter
Levendula ulica 72/C, HU-2119 Pécel
Telefón: +36 70 427 1367
E-mail: officeplace of

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information on our website, except in the following cases:

2.1. Google Analytics
Our website may use the Google Analytics service to track and analyze website visitor activity. The information collected by Google Analytics is processed in an anonymous and aggregated form and cannot be linked to individual users.

2.2. Google AdSense
We use the Google AdSense service to display advertising on our website. Google AdSense can display personalized advertising to visitors. Cookies or similar technologies that display relevant ads may be used for the purpose of the AdSense service.

3. Cookies

We also store cookies, see our Cookie Policy for more information.

4. Third Parties

We do not allow third parties, such as advertisers or analytics providers, to collect or use personally identifiable information on our website, other than Google Analytics and Google AdSense as described above.

5. Contact

Questions and comments about this policy are always welcome and should be directed to the Group Data Protection Officer and local data protection officers: officeplace of